January 24 Blog Review

The big news this week was the release of Rollup 16. There are 3 places you need to look for all the details: CRM in the Field Blog, KB Article, and of course the Download Page. The list of fixes is huge in this rollup. Many issues that were introduced with Rollup 12 are listed as well as many CRM for Outlook fixes. Unfortunately, there are no particularly funny fixes (like Rollup 13’s “You cannot install Update Rollup 11 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on a computer that has a French version of Windows, SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 installed”). So it looks like it will be a good change, we will have to see what the user community has to say.

Here are what I found to be the top fixes listed in the KB:
  • Important Fixes
    • Email attachments are not being deleted from the dbo.Attachment table when their parent record is deleted.
    • Clicking on report preview throws error on an Updated Organization from Update Rollup 6, “HttpUnhandledException: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has experienced an error. Reference number for administrators or support: #3423D182”.
    • Appointments and Service appointments are automatically shared with the user that shared the record.
    • Reports do not render correctly after applying CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12.
    • You can access System Settings no matter the security role assigned.
    • Cannot update StateCode and StatusCode of Phone Call entity via plugin code.
    • Creation and deletion of business units cannot be done in a timely manner.
  • ERMO Fixes
    • Deployments with large datasets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 may suffer performance bottlenecks on default views, lookups, and queries if the EnableRetrieveMultipleOptimization registry setting is set to zero.
    • Unable to view Personal E-mail Templates with EnableRetrieveMultipleOptimization is set to 2.
  • CRM For Outlook Fixes (many more that are not listed here)
    • Changes made to the personal view query is not updating in Outlook client since Update Rollup 12.
    • After installing Update Rollup 15 for CRM 2011 the Mail Merge button on the entity record Add tab does not seem to do anything when clicked.
    • In some environments, conditions may exist when the registry keys of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Client are being duplicated when being read causing an exception to occur that terminates the Outlook process.
    • Conditional formatting breaks page navigation in view within CRM for Outlook client.
    • When you select an email that is tracked in CRM, and you have the reading pane viewable for emails, Outlook may hang or become unresponsive. Once Outlook returns controls and becomes responsive you notice that the Track in CRM form region for the tracked in CRM email contains a large number of parties on the TO, CC, or BCC.
    • Appointment created and deleted from the web will only be deleted from the organizers Outlook calendar. Occurs when the meeting organizer sends Outlook invitations.
    • When you attempt to view html web resources in the CRM web or outlook client application by opening them from the ribbon, the web resources that are shown are old versions. This occurs even after you have published changes to the web resources. If you clear temporary internet files the web resources are shown correctly.
    • Outlook saved views are not sorted alphabetically like in the web client.
    • You receive error messages when accessing CRM fields in the CRM for Outlook client. “An error has occurred”.
    • Outlook Filter settings not taken into consideration when performing a quick search.
    • Unable to configure CRM outlook client when TurnOffFetchThrottling is enabled.
    • Outlook crashes when using CRM client for Outlook UR15 or UR11 CU.
  • Odd Fixes
    • Export to Excel in Outlook fails with long relationship/entity/field names.
    • If the chart pane is enabled on any view for an entity in the Outlook client, and if the user utilizes the “Email a Link” feature and selects the current view, the URL that is generated and then copied to a blank e-mail will contain invalid parameters. Clicking on this link then generates a CRM platform error, which indicates that invalid parameters were passed to the request.
    • When an error is raised when submitting the merge dialog form, and upon a second attempt to merge the data you change the selection of fields on the dialog, those changes are not submitted to the platform. The initial set of fields are used instead of updated.
    • Filter in view does not work when for Option Set containing entries with ‘&’ character.
    • The owner of the child record in a merge inherits invisible rights to the master record.
Leon Tribe posted about Dialog Lookup Values for Common Entities. This explains what the Reference Entity and Reference Field are referring to when you create a new Dialog prompt with a lookup.

The CRM Software Blog reviewed their Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2013.

Jukka Niiranen discusses how to Expand the “Add Activity” Options on CRM 2013 Forms. This expands upon Develop 1’s blog to Restore Add Activity Buttons in CRM 2013.

That’s all for tonight.

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