August 29 Blog Review

It’s another short week with the Labor Day long weekend. Let’s see what the blog world holds for us today.
PowerObjects posted a Tutorial for Including Case History on the Account. This is good for whenever you want to add a sub-grid to a form. They also posted several blogs about Installing, Configuringand checking your version for CRM for Outlook but I don’t really want to talk about CRM for Outlook more than necessary.
Altico Advisors posted a Tech Tip on IFD Settings. Internet Facing Deployment and everything related is increasingly becoming a hot topic as more people want to access CRM on their mobile devices and as we prepare for the mobile friendly interface in CRM 2013. This blog discusses how to make sure your timeout settings are what you want them to be.
Now, if you are on the cutting edge and using Internet Explorer 10, you should read Chris Cognetta’s steps for setting up IE 10 to use CRM 2011. He describes how to update your compatibility settings as well as current know issues.
The CRM Software Blog highlighted an article about CRM 2013 Frequently Asked Questions. It highlights questions like when will I be upgraded, will my system be offline, and what are the major changes with this release.
The CRM Team Blog talked to us about Preparing JavaScript for the Upgrade. Here is what you need to know:
  • Get everything UR 12 compatible. This will need to be done prior to CRM 2013. There is the Code Validation Tool for this, although the output is not very fun to work with. It is a great place to start.
  • Get all your endpoints up to date. No more CRM 4.0 endpoints.
  • Don’t Modify the DOM. It will not work in CRM 2013.
  • Fix your unsupported changes. These will most-likely break as well.

Everyone loves Richard Knudson and he is a smart one when it comes to Business Processes. He wrote a great, albeit long-winded, article on how to create a Flexible Sales Process. If this isn’t something you need, still make sure you catch the tip about editing read-only fields through workflow: you can unlock the field while creating the workflow then set it read-only and the workflow will run and update the field correctly. This only needs to be done in your development environment; it will work fine when you import it into other environments.

That’s all the CRM news I have to pass on today. Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!

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