Power Apps, AI Builder, and Cats!

Kylie Kiser and Mallory Lawhorne standing in front of a PowerPoint being projected onto a screen. The Slide has pictures of 3 cats with the names Lady Godiva, Drifter Kenneth Ellen Parcell Lucifer Lawhorne, and Floofers.
Meet the stars of the Power Apps, AI Builder and Cats Demo!

At Community Summit 2023, I presented a session with Mallory Lawhorne called Power Apps, AI Builder and Cats!

In this session, we built an Object Detection model in AI Builder to determine which of our cats were featured in an image. Then we put this in a Power App and configured the app to visually indicate which cats are featured. Next, we submitted this data to Dataverse.

Well, that was the plan anyways! I am sharing the PowerPoint, demo pictures, and step-by-step instructions here since we did not quite have time to complete our ambitious goal. This will allow you to build out your own version of this fun demo in your own development environment.

Additionally, I will include the unmanaged solution file if you want to see the app but not build it yourself. Keep in mind that importing this solution will import the Dataverse components of the demo which means you will need to name the Table differently and make a few minor modifications to the instructions if you want to walk through the full end-to-end build after importing the solution.


PowerPoint with tool and solution overview:

Step-by-step instructions for Power Apps, AI Builder, and Cats Demo!

Demo pictures of our 3 lovely cats:

Unmanaged Solution file:

Reminder: This solution should be installed in a development environment that is only used for this or other experiments. You do not want this in an environment in use by your organization.

Next Steps

Let me know if you build out this demo or have any issues with the instructions!

You can also use the AI Builder Labs to find an additional Object Detection model example with sample pictures. If AI Builder will not meet your needs, you can also check out Azure Vision Services and walk through the labs on Learn.

Finally, keep an eye on my Events page for any future places you can find me and learn more cool things!

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