Hero Insights: Setting up Customer Insights Trial

If you are just joining us, I am working on a series to learn about Dynamics 365 and Customer Insights using superheroes! You can check out the full series on the Hero Insights page. Enjoy!

Today is going to be a very screenshot-heavy post as we walk through the steps to set up your Customer Insights trial. Before we get started here are a few helpful resources:

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Enter Customer Insights Email
Enter the email for your Customer Insights Trial. This should be the same account you use to login to the Common Data Service / Dynamics 365 environment we were working with the past few days.
Step 2: Sign In
If you used the correct email account, then it should say it knows who you are and ask you to sign in. This is a good sign.
Step 3: Agree to Terms and Conditions
There are terms and conditions you should probably read. Click Create!
Step 4: Continue
More details. Click Continue.
Step 5: Create Environment
Now we are going to name our environment. This does not need to match the Common Data Service environment from a few days ago. You can also connect with you Dynamics 365 environment in the Advanced area.
Customer Insights is getting things ready
Getting excited! We are almost there. It will think for a minute or two.
Customer Insights Environments are Created
Now two environments are created! The Demo environment allows you to see what is possible. You will want to switch to your named environment to put your data in there.
Customer Insights Demo Environment
Here are some of the sample insights visible in the Demo environment.

That’s enough steps for one day. Tomorrow we will import a few additional data files! Will we be able to import all the details before our trial runs out? Will we have a full dossier for each hero within the week?

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  1. Looks like you don’t have a valid ‘Production’ license for Customer Insights.i AM GETTNG THIS ERROR

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