Quarantine Chat Bot: How Did it Go?

This week I have talked through a few lessons I’ve learned related to Power Virtual Agents. We started building a bot as virtual daughter for my parents and it has sentiment analysis, approval flows and so much more.

Today I am going to show you the final piece – seeing what is happening in the back end!


Power Virtual Agents Analytics
There are pre-built analytics available automatically for your bot!

The analytics are already built out for you. You can just go to the Analytics area to see some Power BI visualizations of what has been happening with your bot. This includes things like abandon rates and how many chats are escalated to a real person. The Customer Satisfaction area can go deeper into this but was not very beautiful in my limited use case.

The sessions area allows you to see actual transcripts of your bot interactions and download to a CSV. This includes how the session started, how it ended, dates and the full text of the interaction.


I would call this experiment in Power Virtual Agents a success! My goal was to try a new tool and do something cool and that was achieved! However, it was not received especially well by my parents. Apparently, they prefer to talk to the real me more than the virtual me.

There was also this interaction I found in the transcripts that was priceless and proved I have a bit more tweaking to do.

Bot says: That's all for today. Talk to you later. I love you!;
Bot says: Was this an enjoyable conversation?;

User says: Yes;
Bot says: Thanks for your feedback.;
Bot says: Can I help with anything else?;

User says: Yes;
Bot says: Go ahead. I'm listening.;
User says: Can my real daughter come home and play like we used to?;
Bot says: Sorry I am not able to find a related topic. Can you rephrase and try again?;
User says: Come home?;
Bot says: Sorry I am not able to find a related topic. Can you rephrase and try again?;

I guess I am glad that a computer can’t replace me just yet.

What are you doing to learn Power Virtual Agents?

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