Power Pizza: Ta Da!

We are in the middle of a Power Pizza Blog Series! I am walking through lessons learned while building a Power App to track your Pizza Crawls. This will allow your friends to submit their locations, enter ratings and view the winner. Finally, a scientific solution for finding the best pizza!

George Mason Robot
This is a robot that brings you pizza. My app is not as cool. Location: George Mason University. Note: I did not attend George Mason but did visit campus more than once to order robot pizza.

We are nearing the end of this series so it’s time to talk about what this app actually does! Technically we have two apps and a few other cool things. Tomorrow we will finish it off by talking about how to throw your own Pizza Crawl!

Model Driven App

The organizer needs to do a bit of set up before the crawl, they may also want to review the data in a different format. So we have a Pizza Party Organization Model Driven App. This app shows the Pizza Party, Pizza Locations, and Pizza Rating entities. The Pizza Party record needs to be set up from this app before distributing the next app to your friends.

Model Driven App Pizza Party Organization
Another thing with Pizza in the name! The Pizza Party Organization Model Driven App!

Canvas App

Next we have the Pizza Party Canvas App. In this app, the party goer will first select their party. This is the party set up by the organizer via the Model Driven App. Then they can set up the pizza place they want to try out in the Locations area.

Welcome Page: Select your Pizza Party
On this welcome page your party goers will select which Party they are attended. This will stick through the app session so it does not need to be selected multiple times. (Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash)
Power Pizza Home Screen
After selecting the party, pizza eaters can submit their locations and ratings as well as see those entered by others. (Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash)

On the night of the Pizza Crawl, the same app is used to submit your ratings. So as you try pizza after pizza you can record all of the glorious and cheesy memories.

Pizza Rating New Form
Input Pizza Rating for multiple categories. Each of these star ratings will be totaled for a Sum Score. Plus add an Insta worthy pic of course!
Pizza Rating Gallery
Pizza lovers can see other people’s ratings all within the app. Everyone can see each other’s photos and details. As you can see I got a bit creative with my pizza pictures in testing. Alternatively you could be concerned about the number of food pictures I have readily available. I chose not to filter this list by party as you probably don’t have two parties going on at the same time, but this could be a future enhancement.

After all the slices have been consumed, check out the total location scores to see the winner.

Locations Gallery with score
The Locations Gallery shows all of the pizza places for this party and is sorted by the current high score. This will allow your party guests to see the current leader as the crawl progresses. They can dig in to each location to see it’s score across all of the categories as well.
Power Pizza Winner Announcement
Finally, you can select the “WINNER!” button which triggers Power Automate to populate CDS and display the location with the highest total score. It will also show a gallery of the ratings with their pictures.

Now we will have evidence to support the Best Pizza in Town title!

Tune in next time to see how to run a party for your friends and get the downloadable solution!

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