User Group Summit 2019 Girl Power Playlist: Disney Princess Edition

Vintage Kylie at Epcot circa 2011
Vintage Kylie at Epcot circa 2011, featuring the fierce Mulan!

You may recall that before Summit last year I released my Girl Power Playlist. I usually make something to listen to on the plane to get excited and ready for the week ahead. This will be my 7th Summit but it will still be a stretching experience as I am participating in 5 sessions! Plus, this will be my first year as a Business Applications MVP so who knows what that will entail!

Since we will be in Orlando, I found it only fitting for my playlist to be Disney themed. While the typical ‘Disney Princess’ is not necessarily seen an a modern example of Girl Power, we will put that aside for now as we embrace the magic of Disney!

Enjoy the jams I will be listening to all week! What is on your playlist this year?

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