TDGi Hackathon – Team Apollo

Team Apollo at TDGi Global Hack for Education
Team Apollo at TDGi Global Hack for Education

UPDATE: The results have been announced! You can also see all the submission videos from this great event!

Last weekend I had the honor of joining Team Apollo at the TDGi Hackathon! This was a great event to demonstrate the capabilities of the Power Platform and raise money for some deserving charities.

The amazing Team Apollo included Mike Ochs, Aiden Kaskela, Phil Topness, Mallory Lawhorne, Mahbub Alam, Liudmyla Tretter and myself.

Kylie Kiser Hackathon
1st Hackathon

The focus for the event was Education so we built a solution that would allow students to create their own virtual books and share with their classmates. Then the students could read these books with the help of the Immersive Reader technology. These books would be rated based on the expression of the student after reading (Face API). Reading information would be shared with the parents via Flow to approve that the reading was actually done. Finally, all this information would be visible to the teacher in a Model Driven App and dashboard to see how students are doing and which need some extra assistance.

This was my first Hackathon! I was nervous that I would not have very much to contribute so I brought gift bags!

Team Apollo Goodie Bags
Team Apollo Goodie Bags – NASA Socks and Milky Way candy bars

It was interesting to see how everyone found a role on the team. We had a great team who all had varied strengths and skills. This meant that we each had a part to play. I focused on CDS configuration such as field creation and form changes plus data set up and beautification.

Check out the video below of the cool solution we designed and delivered! Plus you can see what other team’s delivered on the TDGi Global Hack Video Gallery.

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