1st Time Business Applications MVP!

I am excited to announce that I’m now a Microsoft MVP! I received the email confirmation on Canada Day, Monday July 1st and my profile is now live on the MVP site!

This has been a goal of mine for many years as I have worked to deliver content and create a strong community in Northern Virginia. When I started working with CRM, even when I attended my first CRMUG Chapter Meeting, I never would have expected the future ahead of me.

I am so thankful to everyone who has encouraged me, presented with me, proofread my work, been a part of my chapter team, and so many other things. It’s a great honor for my name to even be thought of along with the rest of the Business Applications MVPs! I’m very excited to learn more about the program and see how I can continue to drive this community forward.

I have spent the last few weeks overwhelmed with all the support, but also all the new emails and resources at my fingertips. It’s time for me to start absorbing and plan next steps. I need to keep sharing so I can continue to be a Business Applications MVP for many years.

Thanks again to all of you who brought me to this place and I’m excited to take you along for this journey!

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