Improve Game Night with the Power Platform: Intro

I have been wanting to learn more about PowerApps and Flow for some time but have been waiting to think of the best way to handle this. This week is the best time to learn since it is the Power Platform World Tour in Washington, DC

I wanted to work through a scenario that would help me put together and learn so many new tools available for Dynamics 365. So I came up with this scenario for me to start playing with a few different things.
First you should know that board games have over taken my home. I am not sure where they keep coming from but they are definitely multiplying.
Kiser Board Game Collection

Now when you have this many games it can be difficult to decide what to play or to narrow down the options to account for the current audience. So the goal was to make a dashboard where we could narrow down the list of games based on player count, type of game etc. The next step would be to also have a way to quickly input a score for the game played so we could gradually build up ratings and additional data to report on. The true goal is finding the ultimate party game!
Here is the high level steps to accomplish:
  1. Export Board Game library from BoardGameGeek
  2. Create a D365 Trial
  3. Set up entities for holding Board Game information with relevant fields. Create related entity to capture a rating/score.
  4. Populate trial with the data exported earlier
  5. Create a Power BI Dashboard of this data with slicers to help you find the perfect game
  6. Create a PowerApp where a score can be quickly entered
  7. Use Rollup fields to rollup scores and other rating data to the parent Board Game
    Then it will be time to play some games! Come back tomorrow for step 1 tomorrow and share your tips for learning these new tools too!

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