October 2016 Blog Review

October has been a very busy month for CRM. We have had the announcement for Dynamics 365 and of course CRMUG Summit (my recap coming soon, see Sonoma’s right now). Let’s jump right in to all the blogs that have been flying around throughout the month.

Ledgeview Partners showed us how to create mappings in Auto-Populate Opportunities with lead Data in CRM.

PowerObjects walks through a workflow example in Using Workflows to Switch Between Business Process Flows Automatically.

Hitachi wants to keep everyone’s CRM systems running smoothly and shared 15 tips and Safegurards to Speed up your CRM Server.

Sonoma Partners also posted performance tips this month in Dynamics CRM Performance Considerations. This focuses on changes inside of CRM (security, views, etc.) whereas Hitachi focuses a bit more on server and more technical items.

Also check out RSM’s Two Easy Ways to Improve CRM Forms. This shows some ways to use web resources to quickly make changes such as moving check boxes to the other side or adding instruction boxes.

Everyone struggles with CRM for Outlook troubleshooting. To assist with this the Microsoft support blog posted a multi-part series giving information and troubleshooting tips. Here are a few parts I would recommend:

Of course we should also talk about Dynamics 365. So start off with PowerObjects’ What is Dynamics 365? and then for more information read Hitachi Solution’s Understanding Dynamics 365: What you Need to Know and How it Affects your Business.

That’s all I have to share. Anything I missed? What exciting news have you been following?

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