January 22 Blog Review

The snow is coming down hard (for some of us), so that means you have lots of time to read up on all the CRM news of the last week.

Of course, you should start with a recap of last night’s 2016 DMV CRMUG Chapter Launch Party. We had a very good turnout especially considering the weather concerns. Hopefully everyone is excited about all the chapters in DC, Maryland and Virginia and will come to the upcoming meetings. Only lesson learned to implement next year will be emailing all the people registered to make sure they know it is on and have a way to contact me if they get lost.

Alright back to the blog world.

Ledgeview Partners posted on Retaining History – CRM Best Practices for Contacts changing Companies. This gives two possible solutions to ensure that the contact details are in the right place and history stays in the right place too.

CRM Tip of the day shared about Custom Activity Forms. This talks about which Activity entities can have custom forms and which ones cannot. They also provide some information as to why the custom forms may not be available for those entities.

CRM Tip of the Day also shared Consolidate your Workflows. This discusses the issues that can arise when you have multiple workflows for the same entity and/or trigger event. All of these will be firing, even if no action is taken, and will take resources from the asynchronous processor. To prevent this, review your workflows and consolidate like workflows into one.

Last but not least, Mitch Milam posted on What Exactly ins Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? This is not directly related to CRM but has some very interesting considerations for software and product development. It is ok to build something without fully knowing what the customer wants because they might not know themselves. Just make sure it is made in such a way that it can be easily expanded and built upon when they begin to figure it out.

That’s all folks! Stay warm this weekend!

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