May 15 Blog Review

The most important CRM News this week was (of course!) the Washington, DC CRMUG Chapter Meeting on Wednesday May 13! If you are a CRMUG member, you can view all the notes in the DC Chapter blog. If you are not a member, check out the CRM Lady’s Blog from that day as she captured some of our top topics.
Also for everyone in the Washington, DC area – block of July 18th on your calendar! CRMUG DC will be having a joint event with the Baltimore user group at the Nationals game vs the Dodgers. You can come with your family and friends then come meet fellow CRM users at the Red Loft Bar throughout the game!
Also important this week is that Microsoft announced the Annual Dynamics Product Satisfaction Survey! Take a few minutes to go through this and let your feedback be heard!
Now let’s get to the other CRM Blogs posted this week.
PowerObjects posted on How to Retrieve all the Access Team Members for all Accounts in CRM. This talks about how you can grab Access Team data so that you can use it in other queries and reporting.
Sonoma Partners discussed the CRM Online Spring 2015 – Plug-in Trace Log. We have talked about this before but it is a great new feature so it never hurts to share more! This new option allows Administrators to view plug-in errors easily from within CRM.
Jukka Niiranen shared Customizing Lead Qualification process in CRM 2015. This walks through how you can use Business Rules and edit your processes to fit your needs.
CRM Tip of the Day posted an interesting tip – Why aren’t my Workflows running? This explains how Real Time workflows do not show up in the System Jobs as you might expect.

That’s all for tonight. Have a great weekend!

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