Summit 2014: Day 3 Takeaways

Last day! So much information! There is no way to capture all the important information (especially since I can only be in one place at a time), so be sure to review the slides if you have access and watch the encore webinars when they occur.
Charting you Can’t do out of the Box – Adam Vero
Before you start working ask: Who? What? When? Where (Device, Resolution)?
Tools: Blank paper and pencil or white board and colored pens (get buy-in, determine how it will look); Notepad, Notepad++ or Visual Studio
Goal: “Use simple charts in clever ways”
Method: build what you can with out of the box tools, export, edit, reimport and repeat. Keep in mind if you “Keep Both” on your initial import you will need to export the newly created chart because it has a new GUID.
To save space, make the chart title descriptive so we can remove the axis labels.
You can easily change colors in the XML by listing the RGB values, if you give 4 numbers instead of 3 the first number will set the transparency.
Errors on chart import: Invalid XML means missing or similar issue, Specific error probably means a property name is incorrect (generally must be Camel Case).
Use ToolTips to display data on demand. Can be used for information or values. Keep in mind the values cannot be formatted.
“Palette Shift” – colors are assigned in order, not related to the data. You can fix this by using multiple series rather than 2ndcategory. Filter each series by value.
Upgrading CRM Panel – Chris Cognetta, Bob Kanzler, David Goff
You can postpone updating your 2011 forms but it is recommended that you do this with the upgrade so you do not need to train twice. The forms must be updated before moving to SP1.
Form merge feature will include all default fields plus your form. Recommendation is to start with blank new form and add all your fields to it.
Do not add new functionality with the upgrade. Wait before deploying Business Process Flows. You can use new functionality to replace existing code (replace JS with Business Rules) but do not add new features.
When going live, go right to the latest!
Business Process rules will probably continue to be improved and eventually replace dialogs.
Test ISVs and Integrations in Dev/Test environments.
Outlook Add-in
CRM 2013 for Outlook does not support Citrx (may work but not supported, no longer part of documentation)
Resource Challenges
Need FULL TIME Project Manager
IT must be involved in day to day, do not just let partner do it. They must be able to provide support starting day 1.
Try to freeze development during the upgrade. If fields are added in both places, those fields are NOT the same (different GUIDs). This can cause an error when importing solutions.
Testing and Training Plans
Use front-line users as testers.
Custom security roles will not be upgraded (they will not include new 2013 permissions). Recommendation to resolve is remove custom roles, go back to Out of the box roles and trim down permissions as necessary.
Tips from the CRM Tipsters – George Doubinski, Gus Gonzalez, Joel Lindstrom, Jerry Weinstock
Check out the daily tips at and submit your tips at
Tip #92 – review cascading relationships to evaluate and understand behavior.
Tip #158 – review Security Roles when you upgrade. Do a full review. Start with Out of the Box roles and trim them down. There is a codeplex tool to determine what roles people have. May want to hire a developer to write a tool to replace old roles with the new roles. Do NOT ever modify built in roles, make a copy and edit there.
Tip #121-125 – Workflows and Wait conditions. Be careful using “waiting” workflows because these are always running. When using wait, separate into parent/child workflows where the Child is called after the wait condition. Also be careful with “Canceled” – only use when something must be done.
Tip #84 – To resolve date issues across multiple time zones set the time to 10:59 AM UTC. This will cover most of the world.
The Confidence Code – Kelly Rosvold
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Sit at the table – be a participant not a spectator
Don’t leave before you leave – commit until you can’t, don’t step back too soon
Making your partner a real partner – give up control and let your partner support and help you
Check out: Lean In Circles to find support in your community
The Confidence Code by Katty Kay, Claire Shipman

Learn to be confident by: Failing Fast (take risks, fail smaller), Acting instead of holding back, practice making decisions, self compassion for missteps, move on!, banish negative automatic thoughts, reframe

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