2022 November DC Chapter Meeting

2022 November DC Chapter Meeting
Lots of smiling faces in the 2022 November DC Chapter Meeting!

Let’s talk about yesterday’s 2022 November DC Chapter Meeting! This was a great meeting with dynamic presenters from around the world!

Power Pages

Abdul Wahab (LinkedIn) joined us at 3am his time to talk about Power Pages. He walked through what Power Pages are and then a full step-by-step demo. Check it out below!

Power Pages Development


Michelle Sanchez (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog) also stopped by to talk about Figma and Power Apps Express Design. This was a hot topic in the September networking, so we wanted to include it as an official session. She talked about the basics of Figma and how it can be used to create Power Apps quickly.

Additional resources:

Power Apps from Figma

Next Steps

We meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month, and we have amazing content planned out until the middle of next year! Make sure to join the chapter and register for our upcoming events! Also check out my Events page for anything else I am working on.

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