AI at the Zoo: Exporting Lobe AI Model

We are continuing the AI at the Zoo series. We walked through how to build the model yesterday so now we are going to export this model to the Power Platform. Your trial environment must be set up before following these steps.

Export AI Model

Exporting your Lobe AI Model
After training and testing your model, click on the Export tab to see our export options. Then you can click on Power Platform.
Exporting your Lobe AI Model to the Power Platform
After you click on the Power Platform option, you will get this pop up. Click on Sign In.

When clicking on sign in, a tab will open in your internet browser to login. Make sure to open this in your trial browser profile and login with your trial account (or the account for the environment you want to use). Then return to Lobe to select which environment for that account.

Exporting your Lobe AI Model to the Power Platform - choose environment
After you have signed in, it will let you select which environment to export this model to.

Next, you will choose if you want to just export or optimize. For our testing purposes, let’s just export. For an actual production scenario, we would need to spend a lot more time training and then optimize the model.

Exporting your Lobe AI Model to the Power Platform - Export or Optimize
Choose if you want to Export or Optimize and Export. We will just export for testing.

View the Model

After this your model will be available in the selected Power Platform environment. You can review some of the model details and even add to solutions.

Lobe AI Model after import into the Power Platform
Open up the model in AI Builder or add into your solution. This will contain details about the model and the training process. You can test directly from the Power Platform. Enhancements and additional training should be done in Lobe.

Now we are ready to use this model in Power Apps or Power Automate. We will continue this series tomorrow to build the Power App!

Watch for more posts in the AI at the Zoo series or check out Events where you can find me presenting on AI or other Power Platform topics!

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