Power Platform Solution Architect Exams

The most important part of taking a certification is planning your celebration food. For me I went out for some bbq and pecan pie. This is just another donut that I also ate (credit to Astro Donuts).

Last week I took the Power Platform Solution Architect Exams! The current (and retiring exam) is the MB-600. This is being replaced by the PL-600.

The MB-600 focuses on Dynamics 365 as well as the Power Platform whereas the PL-600 is just focused on the Power Platform. I took both of them at the same time because most of the skills measured are currently the same. You should be prepared for some additional Power Platform topics for the newer exam.


Over the last several months I was participating in a Study Group for the MB-600. We had an all-star panel of people who shared their tips and just talked about what it means to be a solution architect. You can check out all the recordings on my Events page.

Here are some additional community resources and Learn content that I used to prepare:

Keep in mind if you take the PL-600 now, it is still a beta exam. This means that the questions are still being reviewed and you can help make the test better! But it also means you will not get your score right away. (There is also a code you can use before 5/14 for a discount on this exam. Check out the Learn blog for more details.)

So now it’s your turn to take the Power Platform Solution Architect Exams! The MB-600 is expiring in a few months so take it now if you are interested. Or just jump right to the new one with the PL-600. Good luck!

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