MCSA Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Tests

I recently took the MB2-715 and MB2-716 to achieve my Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) so I wanted to share my study methods to help you! I do want to preface this by saying that I am a test taker. I enjoy taking tests and do not have any kind of test anxiety. This means that my study methods could be very different from your study methods.

I am more comfortable with the customization and configuration (716) material so I planned to take that test first. I used the two courses on CustomerSource to review. These courses are “Customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365” and “Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365”. These courses are each 7+ hours long but each section has a “Test Your Knowledge” quiz. So for the sections I already felt comfortable with I would take the quiz first then go back and watch any areas that I struggled with. For areas I was not feeling as prepared for (Interactive Service Hub, Mobile), I watched the videos first and spent extra time reviewing the questions.

In the last module of all of these courses you can download the course material. This file contains the PowerPoints and the transcript of all of the videos. In this transcript document it also has the “Test Your Knowledge” questions with explanations on the answers. This is really helpful especially on the items I got wrong and couldn’t figure out.

So next I studied for the deployment (715) exam. This exam also has a course on CustomerSource called “Deployment in Microsoft Dynamics 365”. I am not as familiar with these topics because most of my experience is On-Premise not Online. So I watched the full training (about 2 hours) and again spent a lot of time reviewing the “Test Your Knowledge” questions. (Funny thing: when you watch the training the questions are easier!)

Finally I read through several of Neil Parkhurst’s 715 prep blogs. These are broken down by topic so you can review the areas you need help with. It was a great way to clarify some confusion and iron out all the details in my mind.

I’m also one of those people who doesn’t study the day of a test. So I got a good night’s rest and then just tried to relax and do my best. You can do it too!

What other ways do you have of studying?

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