March 2017 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in and catch up on all the CRM News and Training that has been floating around this month!

PowerObjects shared several great how to articles:

Ledgeview Partners shared how to Turn your Report into a Dashboard in Dynamics 365/CRM. Take all your beautiful reports and make them easily visible within the dashboards your team is accessing.

For those interested in getting certifications, be sure to check out Hosk’s post containing Dynamics 365 Certification Study links.

Sonoma Partners posted Bulkify Bulk Edit which walks through several ways to improve the out of the box Bulk Edit functionality with the help of workflows and plugins. In addition it gives some great background information on Bulk Edit.

Sonoma also shared Dynamics 365: Miscellaneous Security Permissions. This explains what those extra permissions actually control in your system.

And of course you should check out the CRM Tip of the Day!

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