July 2016 Blog Review

Let’s catch up on the CRM blogs of the lovely month of July.

For those who love to pursue certifications – check out Hosk’s overview of Tips on Passing the MB2-712 Customizations and Config exam.

Ledgeview Partners shared a quick tip on Removing an Entity from Quick Create in Dynamics CRM. Remember that Activity types cannot be removed from Quick Create.

Ledgeview Partners also shared: On-Demand Workflows for Closed Opportunities in Dynamics CRM. Closed Opportunities can still be edited via workflow so this can be a good way to populate the necessary data points.

PowerObjects shared some great content this month:

Finally, Sonoma Partners shared Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 Integrated Cloud Platform. This gives a quick overview of the announcement. There is still lots of information to come.

Thanks for tuning in!

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