May 14 Blog Review

Let’s jump right in to this week’s blog review!

PowerObjects shared No More Whoops: Preventing Accidental CRM Emails in a Non-Production Environment. Learn from other people’s mistakes and take some time to make sure your test environments cannot send emails. It is not a fun issue to deal with. Also make sure you can easilly identify test records in your live environment so you don’t use a real record as a test. (I feel so bad for people whose actual last name is “Test”.)

PowerObjects also posted So Many Shortcuts: Reducing Clicks in CRM 2015. This is a handy reference for all the keyboard shortcuts you need to be aware of.

Mitch Milam shared a cautionary tale in Bad Design: A Tale of De-Architecture and De-Engineering. This walks through a very common scenario where a system is over-customized and this causes problems in the future. Be aware of the custom code you are adding and document well. Be ready to test thoroughly with an upgrade and know it may break. Also remember that out-of-the-box pieces were made that way for a reason. Maybe there is a chance to simplify your business process instead of complicating the system.

That’s all for today. Did I miss anything?

Have a great weekend! 

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