March 4 Blog Review

Let’s dive right in with Microsoft’s announcement of the CRM Spring 2016 Wave. The focus of this release is the integration of FieldOne and AdxStudio. There is a large focus on the everything-as-a-service model and many exciting new fatures. There is a quick video that showcases these features as well as a new CRM Roadmap to be able to quickly see what is new and what is being worked on for future releases.
CRM Tip of the Day shared Advanced text Conditions in System Views. This shows you how to edit the Fetch XML for a system view using the example of wanting to filter only to those records starting with letters A through L.
Ben Hosk posted Questions on CRM Solutions and Environments. This walks through some common questions on Managed vs. Unmanaged solutions and the complications of both.
Mitch Milam has written a great new guide – Fun with Fields, A Dynamics CRM Customization Training Guide. This walks through all the different field types so you can understand all the nuances of each.

Now that you are full of CRM Knowledge you can go and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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