April 24 Blog Review

Good afternoon everyone! Let’s take a quick look at the CRM information that was posted this week.
First of all, there was a new Rollup released for CRM 2013. This is update Rollup 3 for CRM 2013 Service pack 1 (6.01.0003 for those keeping track). Check out the Blog, Knowledgebase and download page for more information.
Another interesting announcement is the new MVP Virtual Conference (read Julie Yack’s blog on it here). This is a free session that has MVPs from all Microsoft Products talking about different topics. You can review the agenda and determine if there is anything that interests you. On May 14th at 5pm (PT) there is a CRM MVP Asks the Experts session that I’m sure will be very beneficial.
PowerObjects posted a tutorial on how to Calculate the Number of Days between Two Dates with a Workflow. This uses a Custom Activity type so you can enter your dates as the start and end dates and then use the Scheduled Duration field.
Adam Vero blogged on Where to Learn about Data Visualisation and Building Better Charts (Visualization for the American readers). This talks about several places to look as you are learning how to do your reporting in CRM and otherwise.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Have a great weekend!

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