April 10 Blog Review

Welcome everyone! Let’s jump right in with the CRM News from this week.
There is still lots of news coming out about the CRM 2015 Spring Release.
Mitch Milam had an interesting tidbit in Delete Plug-in Trace Log Records. As we learned last week, you can now view plugin trace data from within CRM. Interestingly enough, there is an automatic delete job set up to remove these trace records. So make sure you review that and make sure it fits your needs.
PowerObjects talked about the Seamless OneNote Integration. This allows users to quickly record notes on the record through the use of OneNote. This provides additional features like pictures which may make this easier for some users as opposed to the traditional Notes area.
Sonoma Partners posted on the CRM Online Spring Release ’15 Theming. This talks about how easy it is to change the color and logo for your CRM system. These changes can be exported/imported but not through a solution. This is a great way to brand your system or distinguish between your different environments.
PowerObjects shared a good tip on How to Fix the Omnipresent “CRM Auto Reloading” Issue. I’m sure many of you have struggled with this issue as I have and you will be happy to know that it can be resolved by changing a registry setting.
PowerObjects also discussed how Hiding a Field Does not Hide the Data in CRM. This is talking about how hiding a field via JavaScript or Business Rules only hides it on the form and the data is still accessible. Instead consider using Field level security. I also have an older post on the subject of Field Level Security vs. Not Searchable which may help you out.
Finally, we will top it all off with the top tips from the CRM Tip of the Day:

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

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