November 8 Blog Review

Due to last week’s late blog, it is a short one today. Also it seems many of the CRM 2013 blogs are beginning to get repetitive, it will be exciting as more and more users get on 2013 and have new discoveries to share.
PowerObjects has stayed busy this week with blogs about new features in CRM 2013.
You can take a tour of the CRM 2013 iPad App which shows some screenshots and discusses the set up. Keep in mind users will need to have a Security Role with the “CRM for Tables”privilege turned on. Some entities will automatically be in theiPad app and others you can enable from the Entity settings. Check out the handy chart within the blog about which Entities can be enabled and the permissions available.
PowerObjects also talked to us about how to Implement Access Teams. Access Teams are different from regular teams because they “are not used to grant ownership to a record but instead they grant access to records via sharing.” To implement an Access Team, you need to enable a record for Access teams, create the team then add the grid to the form. Users can add users to this grid on the form to grant them the Access Team pre-defined access to the record. You can also create Access Team templates but records created from this are based on the template as of the time the child team was created (does not stay up to date with changing template permissions). Also since these Access Teams are just sharing not Owning the record, records will not show up in a user’s “My” views.
The CRMSoftwareBlog shared Turnkey’s 4 Reasons to Get Excited about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Release. Here are the four items they touched on:
  • New User Experience – the new user experience is intuitive and helps users be more productive with the drop down menus to access all areas and features like the quick create button.
  • New Social Capabilities. Yammer is a social network for the business. It allows users to communicate from where they are working and collaborate with the whole organization and even people outside the organization. MarketingPilot is a complete Marketing Management solution that will be fully integrated with CRM 2013. NetBreeze gives companies the ability to monitor the social sentiment over a wide range of social channels. It allows organizations to analyze and act on social intelligence.
  • Guided Processes allow customizers to build the business process and visually move users through it. Users can see where they are, what has been done and what needs to be done. Users can switch between processes to something that better fits their role or that particular account.

Mobility options allow users to work on the go and from anywhere.
Have a great weekend!

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