May 24 Blog Review

PowerObjects provides a great blog on how to use Query Strings to populate data on a form.
CustomerEffective describes how to create meaningful charts to show campaign ROI. First, track your campaign costs on the campaign form and relate them to Opportunities where you capture revenue. On your Opportunity form add a “Source Campaign Cost” field and populate it via workflow (just grabbing the rollup field off the campaign). Then make a handy chart on Opportunities showing “Actual Revenue” and “Source Campaign Cost”.
If you have ever been confused about what “The Cloud” is and the benefits of “moving to the cloud” check out Altico’s Infographic on the subject.
While On-Premise Deployments are still catching up to Online, you may want to disable the new Process Driven Forms to display a more accurate representation of what a new user’s experience will be. Leon Tribe discusses how to Get Rid of the Flow Forms by using Form Security.
Congratulations PowerObjects on being name the 2013 Partner of the Year. Check out the summary on DynamicsWorld.
DynamicsWorld also hosted an MVP Interactive discussion this week hosted by Donna Edwards. The session is now available On Demand.

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